new exhibitions


carsten nicolai . snow noise
as part of the group exhibition "arctic"
opening: 25th september 2013
26th september 2013 - 02nd february 2014
louisiana museum of modern art
gl. strandvej 13, 3050 humlebæk, denmark
snow noise
works exhibited: snow noise
carsten nicolai . wellenwanne lfo
as part of the group exhibition "soundings: a contemporary score"
opening: 07th august 2013
10th august - 03rd november 2013
the museum of modern art
11 west 53rd street, new york, ny 10019, usa
wellenwanne lfo
works exhibited: wellenwanne lfo
carsten nicolai . empty garden
opening: 02nd july 2013
03rd - 23rd july 2013
the hole gallery (sound gallery)
skolska ul. 28, praha 1, czech republic
empty garden
works exhibited: empty garden
carsten nicolai . crt mgn
opening: 11th april 2013
12th april - 18th may 2013
galerie eigen + art
auguststr. 26, 10117 berlin, germany
crt mgn
works exhibited: crt mgn, crt mgn pict, crt mgn pict lb
carsten nicolai . observatory
opening: 27th february 2013
28th february - 20th april 2013
ibid projects
35 hoxton square, london n1 6nn, uk
works exhibited: wismut (dust), thermic, wolken (2013), future past perfect pt. 04 (stratus), traces, particle noise
carsten nicolai . unidisplay / uni(psycho)acoustic
opening: 25th january 2013
26st january - 05th may 2013, prolonged until 26th may 2013
museum für moderne kunst frankfurt/main (mmk)
domstr. 10, 60311 frankfurt/main, germany
work exhibited: unidisplay (di-version)


carsten nicolai . unidisplay
opening: 20th september 2012
21st september 2012 - 06th january 2013
hangarbicocca, milan, italy
via chiese 2, 20126 milan, italy
work exhibited: unidisplay (hexa-version)
carsten nicolai . wellenwanne lfo
as part of echigo tsumari triennial 2012
opening: 28th july 2012
29th july - 17th september 2012
echigo-tsumari art center, tokamachi, japan
wellenwanne lfo
work exhibited: wellenwanne lfo
carsten nicolai . unidisplay
opening: 05th may 2012
06th may - 17th june 2012
international digital arts biennial, montréal, canada
musée d'art contemporain montréal (macm)
185 rue sainte-catherine ouest, montréal, qc h2x 3x5, canada
work exhibited: unidisplay (tri-version)
carsten nicolai . schatten loop
a collaboration with COS fashion stores
opening: 26th april 2012
27th april - 08th may 2012
cos store berlin
neue schönhauser strasse 20, 10178 berlin, germany
schatten loop
work exhibited: schatten loop


carsten nicolai . filter
opening: 19th october 2011
20th october - 20th november 2011
house of art
namesti Premysla Otakara II. c. 38, budweis, czech republic
works exhibited: rgb svoboda filter, tired light wall, fades stills
carsten nicolai . pionier
opening: 22nd september 2011
23rd september - 22nd october 2011
the pace gallery 22nd street
545 west 22nd street, new york, ny 10011, usa
pionier I
works exhibited: pionier I, raster gradient
carsten nicolai . pionier
opening: 30th april 2011
01st may - 03rd september 2011
galerie eigen + art
spinnereistr. 7, halle 5, 04179 leipzig, germany
pionier I
works exhibited: pionier I, tape loops
carsten nicolai . interferenz
opening: 24th march 2011
25th march - 30th april 2011
gelbe musik
schaperstr. 11, 10719 berlin, germany
milch (gelbe musik)
works exhibited: milch (gelbe musik), interferenz
carsten nicolai . unitxt mirrored
opening: 19th february 2011
20th february - 09th april 2011
galleria lorcan o'neill
1e, via orti d'alibert, 0165 rome, italy
work exhibited: unitxt mirrored
carsten nicolai . pionier
opening: 04th february 2011
05th february - 13th march 2011
contemporary art centre (cac)
vokieciu 2, 01130 vilnius, lithuania
works exhibited: 334 m/s, anti, magnetic static 2, pionier i, portrait alexander freiherr von humboldt, raster gradient, spray, thermic, yes/no


carsten nicolai + marko peljhan . polar m [mirrored]
opening: 13th november 2010
14th november 2010 - 06th february 2011
YCAM yamaguchi center for arts and media
7-7 Nakazono-cho, 753-0075 Yamaguchi, Japan
polar <sup>m</sup> [mirrored]
work exhibited: polar m [mirrored]
carsten nicolai
opening: 29th october 2010
30th october 2010 - 09th january 2011
museuo hendrik christian andersen
Via Pasquale Stanislao Mancini, 20, 00196 Roma, italy
works exhibited: scaler, zone, ora, modular re.stukt, cluster, solaris
carsten nicolai
opening: 01st october 2010
02nd - 31st october 2010
MAGA museo arte gallarate
via egidio de magri, 1, 21013 gallarate, italy
works exhibited: anti, fades stills, gradient punkt, magnetic static 2, spray, yes/no
carsten nicolai . moiré
opening: 20th may 2010
21st may - 25th june 2010
the pace gallery
534 west 25th street, new york, 10001 ny, usa
works exhibited: moiré drawings, moiré film, moiré glas, moiré rota, moiré schatten, moiré tape
carsten nicolai . anti reflex
opening: 22nd april 2010
23rd april - 06th june 2010
la casa encendida
ronda valencia 2, 28012 madrid, spain
anti reflex
works exhibited: anti, magnetic static 2, perfect rectangle, raster gradient, reflex, spray, void
carsten nicolai . autoR
april - august 2010
temporäre kunsthalle
schlossplatz, 10178 berlin, germany
work exhibited: autoR
carsten nicolai . rota
opening: 24th february 2010
25th february - 02nd may 2010
museum der bildenden künste, leipzig, germany
katharinenstr. 10, 04109 leipzig, germany
work exhibited: rota